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CFM Technologies is the leading metal manufacturer in Malaysia, specialising in 4 main services: Precision Manufacturing, Sheet Metal & Structure Fabrication, Parts & Machine Assembly, and OEM Manufacturing Solution. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, we have large CNC machining capabilities to serve various industries all across Malaysia. As an established industry leader, we are trusted for our extensive experience, service record and manufacturing expertise.

Precision Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing is a reliable way of producing individual parts with high accuracy. This process has the potential to reduce costs while improving efficiency, thus revolutionizing the future of machine manufacturing as more industries discover opportunities for using it. Our advanced precision machining and large CNC machining facilities enable us to approach each project with extreme precision in order to create the exact tool at the right scale.

Sheet Metal & Structure Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is a valuable process involving cutting, bending, shaping, or welding different pieces together in order to produce sturdy functional parts for industrial uses. Our fully equipped facilities and highly trained welders allow us to fabricate, cut, bend, and alter the properties of metals to produce highly viable metal sheets and structural parts that meet your exact requirements. We have worked with a wide range of industries and are always ready to transfer your designs into actual fabricated components.

Parts & Machining Assembly

Our parts & machining assembly service provides value to our clients by developing a wide range of customised machine parts and tools for equipment with all kinds of functions and applications. This way, we help assemble the components while also catering your specific needs. Keeping in mind even the most demanding product specifications, we focus on maintaining stellar quality in our precision machining to ensure that you get precision components that meet the necessary requirements and deliver integral function for the purpose for which they were built. As a result, our clients save the time and the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors for production and assembly.

Parts & Machining Assembly

We are a highly reputable original equipment manufacturer specialised mainly in sheet metal fabrication and large CNC machining in Malaysia. Our team develops original products and links companies with specialised solutions. With our facilities, we manufacture components across different sectors according to our client’s custom specifications that satisfy their individual process needs.

Our services

At CFM Technologies, we provide an extensive catalogue of integrated precision engineering and metal manufacturing solutions in Malaysia. To ensure that we continue to deliver the world-class standards that our customers require, we maintain a team of highly experienced and competent professionals who pay great attention to detail and are well equipped to deliver a guarantee of the maximum quality.


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