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Pba group
Machine structures and enclosures

PBA Group (Platform for Bots and Automation) is a regional player specialised in robotics and intelligent automation to drive innovation for businesses across different industries.

CFM Technologies produces machine structures and enclosures which are used in a full suite of solutions in warehouse and factory automation, as well as direct drive technology.

Akribis systems pte ltd
Machine structures and gantries

Akribis Systems Pte Ltd design and manufacture direct drive motors, stages and precision systems for manufacturing, inspection and testing. As a machining partner of Akribis Systems Pte Ltd, CFM Technologies develop and manufactures the critical parts of the machine structures and gantries for systems to support a wide range of industries including semiconductor, solar, flat panel, hard disk, LED, printed circuit board, printing, photonics, biomedical manufacturing, etc.

Machine structures, enclosures, high-speed gantries

Pentamaster is an innovative automation manufacturing and technology solutions provider. CFM Technologies produces parts including machine structures, enclosures and high-speed gantries as part of Pentamaster’s integrated solutions for semiconductor, computer, automotive, electrical & electronics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, food & beverages, consumer electronics to general manufacturing.


Offshore and subseas

Rov 3000 parts

Fugro is the world’s leading Geo-data specialist with strong positions in the energy and infrastructure markets around the globe. CFM Technologies provides integrated expertise to build the core frame and critical parts of the ROV 3000, a Remotely Operated Vehicles for subsidiary surveillance.

Cortez subsea rov parts

Cortez Subsea designs, manufactures, and installs proprietary-built rigid, flexible, and coiled underwater pipelays in mature and shallow waters. As a manufacturing partner of Cortez Subsea, CFM Technologies manufactures the parts for a fleet of work-class and inspection Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) that enable general visual inspection, cathodic protection measurement, flooded member detection, and dimensional survey.


Aerospace, oil and gas

Chong fong engineering
Aerospace tooling, jigs & fixtures

Chong Fong Engineering is a longstanding manufacturer providing industry solutions for a multitude of industries across the region. As a subsidiary of Chong Fong Engineering, CFM Technologies has been the long-term partner manufacturing tooling for aerospace and oil & gas industry systems.

Innovative hangers

SCHÄTZ is a leading supplier of custom bearings to the aerospace and industrial markets for over a century. CFM Technologies was awarded the contract by SCHÄTZ Germany to build a two-level carousel aircraft hanger to help customer saves production floor space for more efficient use.


Industrial machine and equipment

Bucher emhart glass
Machine structures, critical high-speed moving parts

Bucher Emhart Glass (BEG) is the world's leading supplier of advanced technologies for manufacturing and inspecting glass containers. CFM Technologies has been a proud partner of BEG in their product localisation program in Malaysia since 2010.

Knauf insulation &
Engineering equipment

Knauf is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modern insulation materials, drylining systems, plasters and accessories, thermal insulation composite systems, paints, floor screed, floor systems, and construction equipment and tools. It is one of the biggest market player with more than 250 production facilities and sales organisations in over 86 countries, 35,000 employees worldwide, and sales of 10 billion Euro (in 2019).

Toyo engineering
Process equipment and factory facilities

Toyo Malaysia is renowned in providing expertise and services in the areas of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) for petrochemical, chemical and general industries in Malaysia. CFM Technologies is the designated partner developing the process equipment and factory facilities for Toyo Malaysia.